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If you are not a MasterCard scholar,  full tuition, room and board payment must be received to reserve your place in the program. 




One Week Enrollment
May 28  - June 1  or
June 4 - 8 






Two Weeks Enrollment
May 28 - June 8







Tuition includes all reading materials, a USB, and one field trip. Room and board accommodations at the Park Inn are single occupancy in private rooms with a private bathroom. Room and board includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and twice-daily coffee/tea breaks during class sessions. Internet access through wireless in common areas is available. Accommodation and meals are covered from Saturday night arrival until Friday morning departure. If you enroll for two weeks, Friday night will also be included (room, dinner, and breakfast).

Please note:If you require extra nights before or after the accommodation included, then please email smdpRwanda2018@gmail.com soon to make an inquiry for the required nights. You must make an inquiry if you require extra nights.  If you do not make an inquiry, you may have to book another hotel at a higher rate for the extra nights. You will need to pay for those extra nights on checking in at the in U.S. dollars cash or by credit card. 

If you are commuting each day, you must pay a weekly commuter fee, which includes only lunch, Sunday through Thursday, coffee/tea breaks during class sessions, books, reading materials, USB, and field trips.

Transportation to the Park Inn from the airport in Kigali is not included in the registration fee. We will provide options for transport once your registration is complete.

MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

Application deadline: April 20, 2018

You may apply for a MasterCard Foundation Scholarship, which are available for each week of the course, but only if you meet the following Selection Preferences. Please note, scholarships will be awarded through a competitive application process. We will award 24 one-week scholarships, and it is permissible to apply for the full two weeks

Selection Preferences:

  • Women practitioners only. If you are not a woman it is very unlikely that your application will be successful unless there is compelling evidence that your role is critical and that your programme has a strong commitment to mobilizing women .
  • Practitioners who have at least two years of experience in the microenterprise development field, focused on savings groups
  • Practitioners who work in Africa
  • Practitioners currently involved in, or planning to begin, Savings Groups programmes
  • Practitioners who work for NGO or Development Finance Institutions and policy development organisations
  • Candidates coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, preferably from rural and resource-poor areas
  • Applicants must make a 10% contribution to the full costs of their courses as listed below.  Those who do not will not be accepted on the course(s).  There will be no exceptions
    • One week enrollment       Resident $260 minimum            Commuter  $180 minimum
    • Two weeks enrollment     Resident $460 minimum             Commuter  $300 minimum

Recommendation Criteria:

Scholarship recommendations will be determined by the following criteria:

  • How well does the applicant meet the selection preferences listed above?
  • What is the stated financial support committed from each candidate? 
  • Based on the candidate’s stated background profile, how will the scholarship make an impact on their professional development and to their organization?


Payment Information


SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS:  Deadline for scholarship applications is April 20. Scholarship awards will be announced on April 27th and, if the offer is accepted within one week, evidence of a non-returnable deposit of a minimum of 10% of the scholarship award must be made by May 4th.  If no letter of acceptance is received by May 4th and if no deposit is received (and if there is no evidence that this is in process), the scholarship award will be made to another applicant.  

FEE-PAYING APPLICANTS:  The deadline for fee-paying applicants is April 30th and a letter of acceptance will be sent, requesting that a non-returnable deposit must be made no later than May 14th .  If no deposit is received by May 14th  and if there is no evidence that this is in process, we will assume that you are not going to attend and will cancel your reservation.  Full payment must be received no later than May 21st

Payments may be made by credit card or wire transfer.  Wire transfer is preferred.

The following is our reimbursement policy in the event of cancellation:

Two weeks or more prior to the workshop:          Full reimbursement, less transfer fees
One week to two weeks prior to the workshop:   50% reimbursement, less transfer fees
Less than one week from the workshop:  

No reimbursement

Wire transfer

Please contact VSL Associates on or telephone +49 176 72483304 or +49 212 818305 for Wire Transfer Instructions Transaction must be completed in U.S. Dollars

Be sure to include your name on the draft and send us an email letting us know that it has been processed. Please add a $35 fee to cover the cost of the transfer and other Bank charges. Note, there is no standard rate for such costs and therefore it may vary from the recommended $35. In such a case, if your payments are either short or greater than the amount you owe, we will settle it while you are at the SMDP. The payment amount will be based on the notification we receive from our bank as to what the actual deposit is, therefore make sure you correspond with us at smdpRwanda2018@gmail.com  regarding this.

Credit Card

If you wish to pay by credit card please contact the SMDP office at sanjeev.sharma@unh.edu or call +1 603-862-1871 and we can take your card information over the phone. 

Once your deposit or full payment has been received we will send you an e-mail confirmation and will e-mail you a Letter of Acceptance, which you may need when applying for a South African visa.

Note: No cash payments for tuition and housing costs will be accepted at the programme.