SMDP - Rwanda

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SMDP - Rwanda

May 28 to June 8, 2018

Kigali, Rwanda

Immediately after the Savings Groups 2018 Conference. 

The Sustainable Microfinance and Development Programme comes to Rwanda  in May 2018, in two one-week workshops entirely devoted to Savings Groups. The SMDP Rwanda will take place from May 28  to the June 8, 2018 in Kigali and is offered by the University of New Hampshire, hosted by World Relief and AFR (Access to Finance Rwanda) and delivered by VSL Associates.

The SMDP Savings Group (SG) courses are designed for institutions and individuals who are committed to experimenting with the methodology but with the intention to create efficient and effective SG programmes, operating at low-cost and significant scale, leading to a long-term output in which groups spontaneously replicate at high quality and can do so in both Islamic and non-Islamic contexts.

What’s on offer?

The courses will provide participants with

  • the latest VSLA tools necessary to design, implement and manage a successful SG programme, using the VSL methodology.  Up to 24 participants may be accepted on to this course
  • and in-depth introduction to the new release of the SAVIX MIS.  This will be suitable for existing users of the MIS who want to understand the improved tools that are incorporated into the new release (due out on April 2nd 2018).  It will also be an essential introduction to new users of the SAVIX MIS.  For this reason we will only accept a maximum of 20 participants on this course

What’s new?

In addition to standard tools, the SG Programme Design and Implementation management course will offer a simplified version the standard VSL methodology, suitable for groups that want to keep things as simple as possible.  It will also offer a set of tools that can be used in the Selection, Planning and Management of Income Generating Activities as a supplement to the basic SG training and supervision model.

For this reason it is very much hands-on and involves a mixture of classroom lectures, simulations and field visits to successful savings groups created by World Relief that have been running profitably and independently for several years.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Plenary sessions on the latest Savings Groups learning and innovation
  • Structured field visit for week 1 participants
  • Step-by-step guidance on field operations, focusing on group governance, products, and procedures
  • Introduction to an alternative, simplified version of the VSL methodology
  • Introduction to a new VSL Associates SPM tool
  • Project design using the most recent project design template for SG programmes, developed in conjunction with Chuck Waterfield
  • Introduction to the SAVIX website and the SAVIX MIS.  Hugh Allen of VSL Associates was the creator of SAVIX MIS and is teaching this course.


William Maddocks

Important Dates

MasterCard Foundation scholarships are available
Application available:  March 12, 2018 
Application deadline: April 20, 2018