Research Opportunities at Carsey

Research Opportunities at Carsey

Applied Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

The Carsey School of Public Policy offers research opportunities to undergraduate students through INCO 590 (Student Research Experience). INCO 590 is a variable credit course during which a student works on a research project or several projects with mentorship from a faculty member. We are seeking students with an interest in policy research and in our core program areas, including community and environment, women and work, and children and youth.

Ideally, we prefer students with basic social science research skills or students who have taken 501H (Research Methods) or another challenging research methods course. Students who intend to take 501H in the fall will also be good candidates. The INCO 590 students would participate in core research projects of the Carsey School. To provide experience on a range of applied and policy research projects, students would have the opportunity to participate as research assistants on more than one ongoing research project. Students will be matched with a faculty mentor. Up to $200 is available for the student/faculty team. Students do not receive a stipend but will receive credit and recognition on their transcript. Students can sign up for one to four credits, depending on the amount of time they wish to dedicate to the research. Each credit is equivilent to about three hours of work per week.

Students interested in INCO 590 or INCO 790 should email Curt Grimm for more information.

Research Opportunities for Graduate Students

The Carsey School of Public Policy occassionally provides new graduate research and study opportunities in interdisciplinary sciences and public policy. Carsey research assistants conduct policy research and author publications for practitioners and policy makers.

The Carsey School of Public Policy accepts applications from interested graduate students, primarily those enrolled at UNH. Candidates must have experience with social or economic research methods.

Interested students should contact Curt Grimm with a letter describing their research interests and their resume.

Other research opportunities at UNH...