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Population change exerts a significant impact on communities, families, and institutions. Demography is not destiny, but researchers and policy makers ignore it at their peril. At the Carsey School of Public Policy, we seek to delineate the population change underway in communities and to analyze the demographic forces that cause it, using the latest data. We also consider the consequences that demographic change has for the environment, communities, and families in both rural and urban areas. Our analysis of demographic change and the implications it has for New Hampshire, New England, and the United States contributes to the informed policy making needed to address the complex problems that population growth and decline produce.


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Kenneth M. Johnson
September 14, 2018

Works in Progress

Our current research focuses on the impact of demographic change on the environment, communities, and families. We are analyzing the powerful demographic forces that place children in the vanguard of the nation’s increasing racial and ethnic diversity, as well as the impact of population aging on New Hampshire, New England, and the United States. We are delineating the spatial redistribution of the U.S. population through migration and natural change and considering its implications for rural, urban, and suburban communities. And, a multidisciplinary Carsey team is analyzing the demographic transformation in forested regions of America and its implications for carbon sequestration, forest harvesting, and ecosystem services.

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Director of Research on Vulnerable Families

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Director of the Cornell Population Center and the Ferris Family Professor in the Departments of Policy Analysis & Management and Sociology at Cornell University
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Distinguished Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Education, The Pennsylvania State University
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