Current Projects

Current Projects

Endowment for Health Presents: Inaugural Symposium on Race & Equity in New Hampshire

NH Listens is a proud supporter and partner of the NH Endowment for Health. Our partnership has involved collaborating on work related to racial equity and social determinants of health. Please join the  Endowment for Health for a day of inter-generational proactive engagement  about creating a more equitable New Hampshire. New Hampshire Listens will provide support in facilitating this timely dialogue on race and equity. Learn more...

NH Blue and You: Strengthening Community Through Connection

What is happening now with policing in your community?  What actions would create the best possible relationship between residents, police, and public officials?  These are the kinds of questions at the heart of NH Blue and You.  Learn more…

Local Listens Groups

Local Listens organizations are key partners with New Hampshire Listens in building, strengthening, and sustaining civic infrastructure in the Granite State. These organizations are locally controlled and operated.
Learn more…

Strong Starts for New Hampshire Children 

With the Support of the NH Endowment for Health and the NH Charitable Foundation, New Hampshire Listens supports community-based partners to foster public engagement focused on the lives of young children and their families. Learn more…

Student Voice and Family Engagement in Schools

In partnership with Everyday Democracy, NH Listens works with school districts to strengthen and integrate authentic engagement of students, families, and community organizations into the life and operation of a school.  Contact us to learn more about this exciting work.

NH Listens appreciates the opportunity to partner with organizations to achieve our mission of helping NH residents talk and work together to create communities that work for everyone.







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