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The Carsey School Master in Public Policy degree is designed to serve a wide range of students seeking careers in public policy. It is similar to traditional programs in the opportunity to develop high-level analytic skills to be able to conduct sophisticated analysis of societal problems and programs for their solution. The Carsey program is innovative in also providing opportunities for students who wish to focus more on strategic communications and leadership aspects of policy making—while still receiving an analytic grounding.

Students also have flexibility to use their electives to explore substantive policy areas more intensively or more broadly, or otherwise widen their policy-related education.
Successful graduates of Carsey's Master in Public Policy will gain:
  • Analytic skills needed to be able to evaluate evidence related to examining societal and other policy problems, designing policy solutions, and evaluating effectiveness 
  • An understanding of how change happens, how policy is actually made—with the skills to play a role in making that happen
  • Communication skills needed to succeed as a policy professional
  • Understanding of the global interconnectedness of public policy
  • Expertise in specific policy areas
Carsey MPP students who choose an additional focus in policy analysis will earn a higher level of analytic skills needed to conduct sophisticated analysis of societal problems and their solution, including statistical training.
Those who choose a focus in strategy and communication will leave with more advanced communications, strategic, and leadership skills for advancing public policy solutions.


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Academic Partnership Coordinator:
Sarah Dorner