Master in Public Policy / Juris Doctor Dual Degree

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Master in Public Policy / Juris Doctor Dual Degree

The Carsey School of Public Policy and the UNH Law School offer a dual MPP/JD degree program that provides students with highly valuable and marketable skills and credentials to make an impact on public policy. The two degrees are generally awarded after three and a half years in the program. Taken separately and sequentially it would normally take four and a half years to get both degrees. Thus, the combined program offers substantial savings in time and expense.

This dual degree program is designed to train students who wish to effectively combine legal training with public policy skills for careers that benefit from specialized training in both fields. Students will gain a deep understanding of how legal and policy issues relate and how to use this understanding to have an impact and make a difference in the complex contemporary world of law and public policy. 

Admission Requirements 

Students wishing to pursue the MPP/JD dual degree program must apply and be accepted separately into each of the two degree programs. The MPP/JD Dual Degree program only admits students beginning in the Fall Term. Students will use the regular on-line admission processes of the UNH Graduate School (for the MPP) and School of Law (for the JD) and they will fulfill all the necessary application requirements, including undergraduate institution coursework and GPA, LSAT (required), letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and resume indicating awards and scholarships and professional experience. The LSAT is accepted in lieu of the GRE for the MPP application. Students already in their first year of Law School who wish to apply to the dual degree program should complete an application to the UNH Graduate School, submit their Law School application materials to the UNH Graduate School, and submit an updated resume and a personal statement.  

UNH Law requires 85 credits to obtain the JD degree and the Carsey School requires 40 credits to obtain the MPP degree. UNH Law will accept a maximum of 12 credits for transfer into the JD program from successfully completed, approved MPP courses. The Carsey School will accept 9 elective credits for transfer into the MPP program from successfully completed, approved JD courses. Thus dual degree students must complete 104 credits to complete the program.

Course of Study

For the JD/MPP program, most students will attend law school courses in year one where they will follow the standard year one law school curriculum. The second year is when students will complete all required, core MPP courses (including the J-Term) and three MPP electives. Following this year of intensive focus on public policy, students will then finish up with three additional semesters of law courses in years three and part of four.  It is during these final three semesters that students will acquire their final three MPP elective courses by completing law school courses relevant to public policy. The Internship and Capstone project required for the MPP can be completed in the summers between the academic years.  The internship requirement may be satisfied through a law school externship.

Path to Degree Sample Schedule

Fall I January Term I Spring I Summer I
  • Torts (LGP 960)
  • Contracts  (LGP 920)
  • Civil Proceduce (LGP 909)
  • Legal Writing & Analysis (LSK 919)
  • Legal Research & Information Literacy (LSK 900)
  • The Legal Profession (LGP 900)
  • Property (LGP 952)
  • Con Law (LGP 916)
  • Sales (LGP 969)
  • Legal Writing and Analysis II (LSK 920)
  • Fundamentals of Law Practice (LGP 912)
    Fundamentals of Intellectual Property (LIP 944)
  • MPP Internship (PPOL 998)
    JD Externship (LSK 852)*
Fall II January Term II Spring II Summer II
  • Economics for Public Policy (PPOL 904)
  • Fundamentals of Policy Analysis (PPOL 906)
  • Quantitative Methods for Policy Research (PPOL 908)
  • MPP Elective (PPOL)
  • Washington, DC Colloquium (PPOL 950)
  • Strategy and Practice of Public Policy (PPOL 902)
  • Policy Across Borders (PPOL 910)
  • Policy Capstone Planning (PPOL (990A)
  • MPP Elective (PPOL)
  • Policy Capstone (PPOL 990)
Fall III January Term III  Spring III Summer III
  • Professional Responsibility (LGP 951)
  • Administrative Process (LGP 903)
  • Evidence (LGP 924)
  • Personal Tax Income
  • Upper Level Writing Requirement 
  • Criminal Procedure (LCR 906)
  • Upper Level Skills Requirement
  • JD Elective
  • JD Elective
  • JD Elective
Fall IV January Term IV Spring IV Summer IV
  • JD Elective (Bar Prep WTE) 
  • JD Elective ( Bar Prep - BA) 
  • JD Elective 
  • MPP Capstone 
    JD Elective

* If JD Externship fulfills MPP internship requirement, then three MPP electives are required.

Note:  Three JD elective courses (MPP approved) are required to fulfill MPP degree requirements. 


The JD/MPP dual degree program has a tuition structure that reflects the reduced time to degree for the programs with the Law School and the Carsey School.  If both degrees are completed in seven semesters (three and a half years), tuition for a full-time NH resident is $16,719.32 per semester under current tuition rates. For non-residents the tuition is $18,548.65 per semester under current rates. For more information on additional fees, go to the Carsey and Law School pages that outline the costs of the MPP and JD degrees.   


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