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Thank you for your interest in our Master of Public Administration Program. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance through the application process or if you have questions about your application. 

Admission Requirements 

The Carsey School of Public Policy considers all applicants for the MPA degree equally, irrespective of race, class, sex, gender, etc. Admission decisions are based on the applicant’s overall record of achievement, both academic and otherwise and his/her potential for success in the MPA program. Specific considerations for admission (in no particular order) include: undergraduate institution course work and GPA, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, awards and scholarships, and professional experience. While we have no strict "cut-off" for GPA, successful applicants have proven records of success as evidenced by their entire application package. Applications must also meet the standards of the UNH Graduate School.


The GRE general test is not required for the MPA.

Application Requirements and Deadlines 

The following chart summarizes the application requirements for Master of Public Administration program. Be sure to download the Application Checklist for your own use to record important information and to help organize the application process.

Application Requirements Description
Application Method Must be submitted online.
Application Deadline*

General Deadlines

  • Application Deadlines:
    • Fall Start: July 1
    • Spring Start: December 15
    • Summer Start:  April 15
Application Fee $65 USD
Letters of Reference Three (3) academic or professional letters of reference are required (submitted online).
Personal Statement

Prepare a brief but careful statement regarding: 1) reasons you wish to do graduate work in this field, including your immediate and long-range objectives, and 2) your specific research or professional interest and experiences in this field. Once you have completed your statement, you can submit it:

  • Electronically, as part of the online application process (strongly recommended)
  • Via email to
Undergraduate Degree BA, BS, or equivalent is required from an accredited university.

If you attended UNH after September 1, 1991, and have indicated so on your online application, we will retrieve your transcript internally; this includes UNH-Durham, UNH-Manchester and UNH Non-Degree work. However, if you attended GSC, Keene or Plymouth, then you must request and submit original transcripts from those institutions.

If you did not attend UNH, or attended prior to September 1, 1991, then you must request one official transcript be sent directly to our office from the Registrar's Office of each college/university attended. International transcripts must be translated into English. We accept transcripts both electronically and in hard copy:

  • Electronic Transcripts: Please have your institution send the transcript directly to Please note that we can only accept copies sent directly from the institution.
  • Paper Transcripts: Please send hard copies of transcripts to: UNH Graduate School, Thompson Hall- 105 Main Street, Durham, NH 03824. You may request transcripts be sent to us directly from the institution or you may send them yourself as long as they remain sealed in the original university envelope.

Not Required

TOEFL Only required if English is not your first language.
New Hampshire Residency Form Only required if you are a New Hampshire resident and wish to take advantage of the In-State discounted tuition.
International Applicants

Prospective international students are strongly encouraged to go through our international pre-application process and are required to submit TOEFL (or equivalent) examination scores. Please note that TOEFL scores may be waived if English is your first language. If you wish to request a waiver, then please visit our Test Scores webpage for more information.

International students currently living outside of the U.S. must correspond with the Director of Academic Programs regarding feasibility of the program

*While applications received after the deadline may be considered, to receive priority consideration for financial aid, please submit your application by the deadline.

Application Checklist

All application materials for the Master of Public Administration program must be submitted online through the University of New Hampshire Graduate School. Application materials as well as more specific details regarding the application process are available at the UNH Graduate School website. The Application Checklist in the link below is for your personal application tracking purposes. The status of the various application components at UNH can be determined via the MyUNH Website.

 Application Checklist

Checking Your Application Status

After submitting an online application, you can check the status and view the required application materials online through your myUNH account. It may take up to 1-2 business days before you will be able to view your application online. If you are unable to see your application after that time please contact the UNH Graduate School office  (603.862.3000). You are also encouraged to contact the UNH Graduate School with any questions about your application status. For questions or problems with using your myUNH account or UNH Email please contact the UNH Service Desk. To check your status:

  • Login to the Webcat using your assigned myUNH IT ID.
  • Next select the "Admissions" link from the list and then select the application you want to view under the "Processed Applications" header.
  • In addition, all applications are verified internally and this process can take up to 2-5 days. Until your application is verified you will have an admit type of "Unprocessed Web Applicant". This status type will be removed once our office has completed the verification of your application.


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