Information for USNH Staff

Information for USNH Staff

University System of New Hampshire staff and faculty are welcome to apply to Carsey’s master degree programs. Our students come from a variety of states and countries and cultural backgrounds, which makes for a rare opportunity to engage with peers around complex global and domestic policy- and community-related challenges, while studying right here in New Hampshire.

Will I be able to continue working as I study?

Carsey’s unique master’s programs offers USNH faculty and staff a variety of options to choose from that will enable you to earn your degree while continuing to work*. To view a sample schedule for each program, click on the degree of interest below:

How do I communicate the value of Carsey's master's degree program to my supervisor?

Previous USNH employees have emphasized the practical skills and tools they would gain throughout the program and the potential to conduct their capstone on a relevant departmental project that directly benefits their work. For example, Amy Oliva, Discovery Program Administrative Director at UNH, designed and developed a grant proposal for a citizen engagement requirement as part of the undergraduate core curriculum – connecting students to opportunities that help them understand and critically reflect on the issues that shape the choices they face as citizens.

How long does it take to earn a degree?

The time it takes to complete one of the Carsey School’s master’s degree programs depends upon the chosen program, your work schedule/flexibility, and personal life.  Oftentimes, USNH students find that they need to go at a slower pace to balance these aspects successfully.  We are here to help support you in your academic journey whichever pathway you determine is best for you.

How much does the program cost? Can I use my tuition benefits?

The Carsey School of Public Policy is pleased to offer departmental scholarships to pay for tuition costs of one (or more) courses not covered by your USNH Tuition Benefits, depending upon the chosen program. Here’s how it works:

  • Eligible USNH employees may use their Tuition Benefits* to enroll in up to 5 courses per fiscal year. The USNH fiscal year runs from the summer term (no matter when the courses are actually offered) through the spring term.
  • The Carsey School will provide eligible USNH employees with a tuition scholarship for selected course(s) that go beyond the 5-course annual maximum. Please note that students are still responsible for fees, taxes, and any other non-tuition expenses.

*For full details on terms and conditions of the USNH Tuition Benefit Plan, see your tuition benefit policy.

How do I know which courses will be covered by my USNH Tuition Benefits and which may be covered by a Carsey School Scholarship?

Depending on which graduate program you choose and when you wish to start the program (fall, spring, or summer), determines which courses will be covered under the USNH Tuition Benefits, with a Carsey School tuition scholarship, or will be self-paid.

To view each program’s suggested pathways and tuition benefits, select your desired program below:

How can I learn more?

For questions and detailed information about enrolling in one of the Carsey School’s master’s degree programs as a USNH student, please contact Sanjeev Sharma at 603.862.1871.