For the Parents of Participants

Tracking Changes in the North Country

For the Parents of Participants

The Coös Youth Study is an important ten-year study that follows the same group of youth participants from seventh and eleventh grade up through early adulthood. We are interested in their community attachment, personal aspirations, transitions into adulthood, and factors influencing some people to stay in Coös while others leave.

The information from this study will help leaders and community members in the North Country better understand what youth want and need from their communities. As the study progresses, we continue to share what we learn at regional conferences and meetings and publish our findings in journal articles and Carsey Institute research briefs, such as those we link you to on our Published Research page.

If you are a Coös County parent or guardian allowing your child to participate in the study, thank you for your cooperation! You can continue to help us by passing along information about the study to your child when we contact you. Parents and guardians will play an increasingly important role in the study as the youth begin adulthood (jobs, college, families) and become more difficult to follow as they move. We want to stay in touch with them even if they move out of the area, out of the state, or out of the country.

We are committed to protecting the identities of all our participants and to remaining in compliance with the Institutional Review Board’s standards of confidentiality. We will never reveal our participants’ names or personal contact information.

If you have questions or comments or would like more information on this study, please email the Coös Youth Study team at or call (603) 862-1012.