Coös Youth Study

Tracking Changes in the North Country

Coös Youth Study


The Coös Youth Study is a ten-year research project exploring young people’s decisions about their educational and job opportunities in Coös County and their plans to stay in Coös or move away. Participants are asked about:

  • aspirations for future academic and economic success
  • beliefs about economic opportunities within their local communities
  • attachment to Coös County
  • exposure to the broader world through technology
  • satisfaction with family, school, and community relationships
  • health and social behavior

The study began in 2008 with financial support from the Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund and is planned to continue through 2018, surveying the same participants a minimum of once every two years. Over time, we will begin to see trends in the decisions young people are making about their lives and goals. So far, we have conducted the following research activities in Coös:

  • 2008: Survey of seventh and eleventh graders (83 percent participation)
  • 2008: Interviews with thirty seventh graders and their mothers
  • 2009: Survey of eighth and twelfth graders (95 percent participation)
  • 2011: Survey of tenth graders (80 percent participation) and first follow-up with the graduating class of 2009 (60 percent participation)
  • 2013: Survey of twelfth graders and second follow-up with the graduating class of 2009 (in progress)

The results of this study will be shared with local governments, community leaders, and organizations serving youth in Coös County so that they may better understand the strengths and needs of Coös youth and better respond to their concerns. However, as participants move forward in their lives after high school graduation, it becomes more challenging for us to follow up with them. The support of the community can make a big difference in keeping young people engaged in this effort. If you are a family member or close friend of someone in the class of 2009 or the class of 2013 from a Coös County school, please click on the ‘Parents’ link in the sidebar for more information.

If you have questions or comments about the Coös Youth Study, please contact us at or (603)-862-1012.