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Publication Details

Publication Title: New Hampshire Children in Need of Services: Impacts of 2011 Legislative Changes to CHINS
Region: New Hampshire and New England
Publication Type: Issue Brief
Publication Number: 36
Publication Date: December 10, 2013
Publication PDF: Download PDF

Using administrative data from state and local agencies and data from interviews with CHINS professionals, this brief provides an overview of participation in the Children in Need of Services (CHINS) program before and after the change in the law in September 2011 but before funding returned in 2013. Specifically, it examines changes in CHINS petitions filed, children served, and services provided to children and their families in the state. Authors Lisa Speropolous and Barbara Wauchope present the study as an example of the impact that state fiscal policy can have on the most vulnerable of New Hampshire’s populations.

Author(s) Lisa Speropolous and Barbara Wauchope
Category(s) Evaluation Resources, New Hampshire and New England, Vulnerable Families