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Publication Details

Publication Title: Mental Health Among Northern New Hampshire Young Adults: Depression and Substance Problems Higher Than Nationwide
Region: New Hampshire and New England
Publication Type: Issue Brief
Publication Number: 35
Publication Date: November 13, 2013
Publication PDF: Download PDF

This brief uses data on depressive and substance abuse symptoms from two surveys administered in 2011—the Coös Youth Study and the National Survey on Drug Use and Health—to compare mental health patterns among young adults in Coös County, New Hampshire, to patterns among rural young adults nationwide. The analyses focus on 214 Coös young adults and 1,477 young adult respondents, ages 18 to 21, who were living in non-metropolitan areas in 2011 and who provided usable data on depressive and substance abuse symptoms. Author Karen Van Gundy reports that Coös County young adults are more likely than rural young adults nationwide to suffer from symptoms of depression and substance abuse, and these patterns vary by sex. Coös young women tend to experience more depressive symptoms than their national counterparts, and Coös young men tend to experience more substance abuse symptoms than their national counterparts. Van Gundy concludes that programs fostering community attachment could lessen adult substance abuse in Coös County and that combined or co-occurring symptoms of depression and substance abuse in Coös County require careful consideration.

Author(s) Karen T. Van Gundy
Category(s) New Hampshire and New England, Rural America, Vulnerable Families